How We Work

1. Standart Procedure Production :

Why?  To ensure that what we produce is in accordance with the wishes of the customer both in quality, price and time required

1 - how to work

2. Wood Certification :

CV Ajisaka Baru is always committed to producing products that called eco friendly / Sustainable Furniture. Sustainable furniture is using materials with the Minimal Negative/Low impact on the environment, such as:


– Material come from Recycle Source

– Finishing Natural without Chemical that can pollute the enviroment and harm the population.

– Local manufacturer to save a transportation

– Damage items can be reused

– Does not use illegal materials,Especially not using Wood from forest that are not purchased through a credible Goverment Department (Illegal Logging) and Credible Auditors 


And CV Ajisaka is :


1. Since establisment in year 2003, We start business with product 100% Recycled Teak Wood. 


2. Since 2012, CV Ajisaka has followed and implemented Indonesian government regulations regarding SVLK.

What’s the SVLK?

Timber Legality Assurance System (SVLK) is a tracking system whose development was made by involving multi-stakeholders to assure the legality of sources from which timber being traded in Indonesia originated.


3. In 2016, CV Ajisaka Baru received an award from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for its contribution as the first exporter of timber products using a FLEGT license.  


4. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) 

To increase our commitment to a sustainable environment, we have also implemented and Certificated  FSC 100% and FSC Recycled certificates.


With this commitment, we hope that customers will have high self-confidence that what they get from us is legal and eco-friendly material

svlk - how to work
piagam - how to work
sertifikat - how to work


We understand that nothing is perfect, but we have experience in minimizing the damage of our products. This business is our life and for guarantees we always discuss it at the beginning with a win win solution

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